About Us


Classvogue has been manufacturing fashionable products & developing creative product ideas since 2005, being the leading company in fully customized corporate gifts. Going into the details of structure and design has always been Classvogue's forte, through customization. Out to deliver sophisticated, stylish and quality gifts, Classvogue commits to delivering corporate gifts and gift ideas that pleases all parties.

At Classvogue we:

  • Conduct feasible market research and evaluation for our client and their clientele.
  • Conceptualize an initial design concept that is not only cost effective, but both functional and aesthetically pleasing to our clients.
  • Deliver conceptual artwork and perspective drawings with detailed requirements using the latest 3D rendering software.
  • Prepare a well detailed job scope and production timeline with costing by contract documentation.
  • Review designs and fine-tune details to meet the high standards of our client's requirement.
  • Provide a complete bespoke solution, from implementation of designs to the manufacturing of the products with the highest standards.
  • Extend quality after-sales service to all clientele.